Dr. Rhea Waite

Introducing.....Me, Dr. Waite

Hi, it’s me, Dr. Rhea Waite.  I thought it was about time I really introduce myself.  This is the story of how I found naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and started embracing my inner witchy self.  I did not come into naturopathic medicine by having a bizarre or serious illness that was cured by natural medicine, diet and exercise.  Although that does happen ALL THE TIME! Just not to me.  I came to this medicine because it found me. 

Let me start by saying I am a primary care physician by training.  I am comfortable writing prescriptions for all kinds of medications. I administer vaccines (yes I said that).  I do these daily.  I have 2 children that are products of IVF and thank goodness for that medicine because we struggled for nearly 5 years of infertility.  My kids are amazing.  I have had surgeries.  I believe that conventional medicine has a lot to offer including medicine for serious diseases, chronic illness, illness brought on by environmental factors, life saving surgeries, surgeries to improve quality of life, the ability to sustain life when otherwise not possible and the list goes on… I am not an extremist in any direction.  My goal as a physician is to practice good medicine that is firmly grounded in the science and wisdom. 

However, as a naturopath I am so fortunate to have SO MANY tools available to help create an optimal environment to help my patient’s step into their own strengths, work with their bodies and help themselves become healthier and happier in a sustainable way.

I grew up in rural Vermont, a place that will forever be a part of my soul.  My mother was a gardener and healer in her own right.  I learned early that there were other measures that could be utilized before pulling out the “big guns”.  Much of the time “the big guns” weren’t needed.  I always wanted to be a doctor.  But I discovered at a young age that I was not going to fit into the conventional medical model of disease and prescriptions.  Sure, there is a time and place for these medicines.  Diseases and illness are very real issues that need to be treated.  But, even as young child I felt that it didn’t make sense that the conventional model was our first line of treatment.  It didn’t make sense that we would give a pill for something that could be treated with food or herbal medicine or nutrient supplementation.   I felt that the body was MADE to heal itself.  We just had to be sure it had the right conditions to do it. Now, as a nearly 40 year old I think what I was picking up on as a little girl was the “vitality” or the “innate ability” (key words from my naturopathic schooling) of the body to heal.

In my practice, I use a lot of different medicines that seemingly appear disjointed.  I use conventional pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine, acupressure, tuning fork acupressure, platelet rich plasma for cosmetics, energetic medicine, medical aesthetics (Botox, fillers, “vampire” facials), food, exercise, mindfulness and deep spirit work to help people find what works for them so that they can become fully themselves, without apology, know their limits, recognize their strengths, know how to nourish their bodies for optimal health and wellness. It looks different for every body.  And so, I work with my patients, as a partner in health, a guide.  

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash